April Tribute Gifts

Rena and Barry Glaser made a gift in honor of David and Fern Sanders’ birthdays and another gift in memory of Jerily Mathisrud’s mother. Ruth Olkon donated in honor of Tom Frishberg’s service as president of the JFS Board of Directors and in memory of Debbie Vertelney’s dear friend. Myndal Davis Silver made a gift […]

March Tribute Gifts

Molly Kitching donated in memory of Elliot Kitching. The Jimmy Levine family and Karen, Rob, Matthew and Sophia Lager donated in honor of Billy Lipshultz’s 90th birthday and in memory of Lowell Herman. Rema Absey made a gift to thank Jo and Eric Pasternack for their commitment to the community. Jay Krasnow honored the birthday […]

February Tribute Gifts

Burt Garr donated in honor of Bonnie Jaffe’s Senior Care Services. Ira Kipp made a gift in honor of the Community Chaplaincy program and Rabbi Lynn Liberman. Eunice Gelb contributed in memory of Michael Pilko and Dr. Leonard Schloff. Joni and Steve Abrahamson donated in honor of the Next Chapter Series and Being Mortal program. […]

January Tribute Gifts

Brian and Judy Krasnow made a gift in honor of L.R. (Bud) Harris’ birthday. Ruth Hampton Olkon and Burt and Lucille Garr donated in honor of Barry and Rena Glaser’s 55th wedding anniversary. Barry and Rena Glaser made several gifts: in honor of Darlene and Marshall Kaplan’s recent award, in honor of Dori Denelle’s special […]

November Tribute Gifts

Arnie Berman donated in honor of Erwin Farkas, Chris Rosenthal and Bonnie Jaffe. Rena Glaser made a gift in honor of Arnie Berman; in memory of Etta and Manson Lambright’s son, Joe; and in memory of Merle Green. Stephanie Greenstein contributed in honor of Helen Adler’s 91st birthday. Jay and Melissa Krasnow donated in honor […]

October Tribute Gifts

Linda Alter and Betsy Sitkoff both donated to congratulate new JFS CEO Ruth Olkon. Rena and Barry Glaser donated in honor of David and Teresa’s 25th anniversary. The Glaser’s also donated in honor of the birth of Sue and Stan Leonard’s great-grandson. Felicia Weingarten donated in memory of Max Goodman. Brian M. Krasnow donated in […]