September 2023 Tribute Gifts

JFS Tribute Gifts

Rema Absey donated to the Second Generation Holocaust Survivors Program in memory of Dora Zaidenweber.

Debra Rappaport donated in honor of Ruth Olkon.

Debra L. Rappaport Fund for Shleymut (Wholeness) donated in honor of Ruth Olkon.

Anna Hampton donated in honor of Ruth Hampton-Olkon.

Marjorie Sigel donated to Counseling & Mental Health Services in honor of Mitch Wittenberg.

Beth Pearlman donated in memory of Elaine Perlman.

Jaine Strauss donated in honor of Mitchell Wittenberg.

Ruth Hampton Olkon donated in honor of Mitch Wittenberg’s 30 years of service to JFS.

Steve Levin donated in memory of Rita Levin.

Donna Cohen donated in memory of Larry Kroop.

Joanne Gillman donated in memory of Carol Dorn.