Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency Financial Assistance

Funds for this program have been depleted. We will consider future requests after June 1, 2022.


Contact Tim Gothmann at (651) 690-8921.

JFS offers emergency financial assistance to help individuals and families avoid eviction, foreclosure and utility shut-offs.  Depending on the availability of funds, JFS may be able to help with a grant up to $1,000 during a 12-month period.

To qualify for up to $1,o00 in assistance, you must meet one of these criteria:

  1. Be a current JFS client
  2. Be a member of the greater St. Paul Jewish community
  3. Live or work in the West Seventh St. Paul community

Assistance must be able to stabilize a situation. The assistance checks are made payable directly to the vendor.

Eighth Degree Loan Program

This program provides up to $1,000 interest free to JFS clients who have an emergency need and qualify for this assistance. Qualifications include being a current JFS client, living in the greater St. Paul area and/or being a member of the St. Paul Jewish community. Payment terms are over a two-year period.

Jewish Free Loan Program

Loans up to $7,500 can be approved with co-signers meeting creditworthiness requirements. Payment terms are zero interest, paid over two or three years. Eligibility requirements include being Jewish and/or working for a local Jewish agency.