Contracted Case Management

Contracted Case Management

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JFS contracts with health insurance plans and Ramsey County to provide case management and care coordination for more than 1,280 low income older adults as well as adults with disabilities. Clients for contracted case management services are assigned to JFS directly through the contracted agencies. JFS is committed to manageable caseloads so that case managers can give their clients the attention they require and deserve. Client-centered care is always the primary focus.

Case management and care coordination includes client assessment to determine needed support services to help them live safely and independently in their own home for as long as possible and prevent placement in a nursing home. Staff arranges appropriate services including assistance with personal care such as dressing, bathing and grooming; help with housekeeping; home delivered meals; and arranging for transportation to medical appointments among other services. They also make referrals and provide resources to their clients to address any type of physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual need the client may have.

Case managers receive formal training in the following areas as part of their licensing: cultural responsiveness, person centered care, memory loss, aging process, ethics, and community resources.

The diversity of JFS case managers also enables care that honors each client’s unique heritage. Staff can communicate with clients in a variety of languages including Russian, Ukrainian, French and Somali and offer them extensive knowledge of their culture.

JFS Contracted Care Management teams have earned a combined 96% compliance score for care plan protocols in recent audits. Additional comments provided by auditors included praise for the team’s attentiveness to their client’s social, emotional, and spiritual goals in ways that truly captured what was most important to the client; and noting that it was apparent that the team consistently went above and beyond by following up at multiple points during the year, exceeding contract requirements.

Client evaluations also demonstrate the quality of care provided. Responding to a recent client satisfaction survey, 99.3% indicated they would highly recommend or recommend JFS. When asked if their JFS case manager was respectful of their background and values, 96% gave their JFS case manager the highest possible positive response.