Mental Health Resources Available to Support Those Struggling in the Aftermath of Another Mass Shooting

As we once again try to process devastating losses and unspeakable grief that follow mass shootings, several mental health resources are available free to everyone at JFS.

The JFS Community Support Program is available to anyone who would like to speak to a therapist to help process difficult feelings and emotions. The program includes three free 20-minute phone conversations with one of our mental health professionals. The goal of the program is to help people feel more grounded and emotionally secure. The therapist will also discuss strategies for improving their sense of well-being. Contact Tara Burns at (763) 300-3146 to access the program. JFS Community Chaplain Rabbi Lynn Liberman is also available. She is a trained trauma and disaster responder. She can be reached via email ( or cell (651) 434-4112.

JFS Counseling Director Dr. Mitchell Wittenberg has prepared a list of resources from various sources on coping in the aftermath of a mass shooting or other crisis.

Coping In The Aftermath of A Shooting
(American Counseling Association)

Managing Your Distress In The Aftermath of A Shooting
(American Psychological Association)

APA Resources For Coping With Mass Shootings, Understanding Gun Violence (American Psychological Association)

Helping Students After A School Shooting (Extensive Resource List)(American School Counselor Association)

Coping Tips For Traumatic Events and Disasters
(US Department of Health & Human Services – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

Coping With Stress
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)(CDC)

How To Cope With Traumatic Events
(Help Guide)

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