Vital Elders Program Continues to Support Russian Survivors

Vital Elders

The Vital Elders program, funded by our Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA) grant, has been very busy supporting Russian survivors. The program is designed to reduce isolation and depression among survivors through person-centered, trauma-informed care to promote dignity, strength and empowerment.

Program coordinator Rena Fedorova provided flowers and a call to everyone participating in the program in July. Then in August, Rena distributed gift bags that included Russian treats, a note and a mini Buddha Board. A Buddha Board, designed to be therapeutic and meditative, is a blank slate that you can “paint” on using just water. The painting fades as the water dries so that you can paint another image. She also followed up with a call.

The clients she works with really miss socializing at local arts venues and attractions, but tell Rena that it means a lot to have someone regularly show interest in them.