1911 Society of Legacy Donors

At every age, at every stage, Jewish Family Service of St. Paul is here to help, offering over 30 programs and services to benefit every member of the family. YOU can truly make a difference by helping to support our vital work in the community. After providing for your family and loved ones, you may want to remember Jewish Family Service of St. Paul. A gift from your will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy will help to secure the long-term future of the agency.

What Are the Benefits of Leaving a Legacy?

Legacy or planned gifts to JFS allows you to decide what your legacy will be and what kind of impact you will make on following generations. You can earmark help to go to the area of greatest concern to you like support services for people with disabilities, home care for frail elderly, chaplaincy, family life education, or simply for use where most needed – you can make a statement about what is important to you. You can specify that your gift create an endowment to last in perpetuity or that it be available to meet current needs.

Legacy gifts may allow you to make a more sizeable gift than you might be able to consider during your lifetime. And you can use your gift to establish an endowed Named Fund that carries in perpetuity your name or the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize.

We are grateful to the following individuals who have made Legacy gifts to JFS (as of February, 2024):

Mark & Elaine Adelman

Adam Bahr

Gary J. Benedict

Sharon Benmaman & John Allen

Herman J. Birnberg (z”l)

Dr. Arnold Brier

Judith Brier

David (z”l) & Sheila H. Brod

Elinor Brodie (z”l)

Marjorie R. Dana-Levine

Michael & Stacy Dockman

Joan & Elliott (z”l) Farber

Jon & Holly Brod Farber

Sheldon Finver & Dee Albert

Jackie & Ted Flaum

Victoria Fodor

Friends of JFS

Tom & Deborah Frishberg

Barry & Rena Glaser

Fred & Karen Gordon

Stephen Gordon

Sheila & Tim Gothmann

Mitzi Gramling

Ira G. Kipp

Peggy S. Kipp

Sternie Kissin-Rosen (z”l)

Elsie Kramer

Roger & Jennifer Kramer

Brian & Judith Krasnow

Robert Leibman

Daniel and Susan Lepow

Gwen & Dr. Irving Lerner

Daniel Levey

Susan Levey

Stephen & Rita (z”l) Levin

Charles Levine

Flora Levine (z”l)

Dr. Jimmy & Stephanie Levine

Rick Linsk & Nancy Crotti

Don & Rhoda Mains

Annie & Bruce R. Matza

Susan & Michael Minsberg

David & Ruth Olkon

Jon & Robin Parritz

Eric & JoAnn Pasternack

Ossie Perlman (z”l)

Sharyn E. Pesses

Connie (z”l) & Paul (z”l) Ross

Lily Rothschild (z”l)

Charles Sansby (z”l)

Marvin Scherzer (z”l)

Brian Serle

Steven J. Shaller

Dora Shom (z”l)

Allen D. Shores (z”l)

Marjorie Shores-Freeman (z”l)

Dan & Myndal Davis Silver

Charley Smith & Shaked Danai

David & DeDe Smith

Diane & Dr. Richard Smookler

Rabbi Adam & Cantor Rachel

Stock Spilker

Elaine Steinman

Lee G. Straus (z”l)

Alex Treitler

Jennifer Wall

Michael Wall

Deborah D. Weiss

If you have any questions about legacy giving or changes to your name, or if you have made a provision for JFS in your estate, please contact JFS Development Director Kristen Cullen.

Our Legacy donors are a group of individuals just like you who want to ensure that people and families who are struggling will always have a place to receive the support they need to live with dignity and security.

Please join us!