The Bruce Goodman Read in Color Little Free Library Helps Children Learn About Empathy

The Bruce Goodman Read in Color Little Free Library presented I Am Human to nearly 75 preschoolers at the MN JCC Capp Center earlier in April. JFS Community Engagement Manager Jodi Saltzman read the book and discussed compassion, empathy, communication and what it means to be human. Each child drew a picture of their face to explore how each individual is different and no two are alike. They discussed the similarities in each of them through connections to friends, family and the world through our shared humanity. Their pictures are now on display at Capp Center.

I Am Human affirms that we can make good choices by acting with compassion and having empathy for others and ourselves. In the book, a child in a red-striped shirt and blue jeans explores the possibilities open to them as a human being. Beginning with “I was born. A miracle! One of billions but unique!” the child explores the difficult sides of being human, such as feelings of fear and sadness and his ability to make choices and move forward with thoughtfulness, compassion, listening and connection.