Collaborative Project Creates a Space for Clients to be Seen and Heard

JFS Community Chaplain Rabbi Lynn Liberman, BCC, approached local artist Anita White with the idea of drawing portraits of some of her community chaplaincy clients. “I felt this would be a compelling way to capture the remarkable vibrancy and wisdom of these often quiet and unseen individuals,” said Rabbi Lynn. Along with Anita, Rabbi Lynn met with four eager clients to create the “We See You, We Hear You” project designed to illustrate the depth of their lives and honor them in a portrait.

During Rabbi Liberman’s visits, Anita drew quietly, paying attention to the inner nature of the client as they talked. “It was a very moving and revealing experience to bear witness to each person we met with,” said Anita. “I chose illuminating words spoken by each person that I later wrote on the portrait These words added depth and meaning to our time together. I felt honored to bear witness to each person through drawing and conversation.” Each client was given their framed drawn portrait last spring.

Portrait of Lilian

Portrait of Linda

Portrait of Steve

Portrait of Matthew