Survey Says: It’s Time to Celebrate!

Earlier in 2022, JFS conducted an agency-wide survey of current and former clients and participants. The results of that survey indicate that 96 percent were satisfied with JFS services and programs. Additionally, 91 percent agreed that JFS drove progress towards key outcomes.

We are taking time this summer to celebrate with staff and the community that 98 percent of our clients agree that we helped them with the issues that brought them to us.
This agency-wide survey also identified improvement opportunities. Staff teams have been formed to study each opportunity and implement process and system changes that will help us improve our client services and agency culture.

We are also building program-specific evaluation processes into our existing infrastructure. We have already identified the outcomes each program helps clients achieve and the action, behaviors and perceptions that indicate the client is making progress towards those outcomes. Our next step will be to build and launch the actual surveys.

JFS is committed to building a culture of evaluation and continuous improvement at JFS. With the work we’ve done and will continue to do, our work culture will integrate and embrace continuous improvement, elevating the critical impact we bring to so many each day.