MEDICA Care Team Annual Audit

The annual audit for the JFS Medica Care Team recently took place. JFS Care Coordination Manager Breanna Bosshart said, “This amazing team scored 56 out of 57 auditable elements, a fantastic score. I’m so proud of each team member!” Medica confirmed that this is the best audit score the team has ever achieved.

The team is audited on three areas with each broken down into specific elements. The first two elements are for waivered and non-waivered clients, examining timeliness, person centered care plans and SMART goals, along with determining is essential services and follow up plans are in place.

The team excelled in creating person centered goals and meeting deadlines. Team members Marina Star and Alina Ouchveridze stood out for their detailed and thorough documentation, going above and beyond in meeting clients’ needs demonstrated in their documentation.

The third area focuses on clients transitioning to hospital or skilled nursing settings, auditing timeliness and providing transition-specific communication with the attending physician and client.