JFS Launches Endowment Campaign

At the 2022 Celebration of Service, endowment campaign co-chair Bruce Goodman announced the launch of JFS’s five-year endowment campaign. Along with former JFS board member Barry Glaser, they announced the goal to grow JFS’s endowments by at least $100,000 in new funding over five-years. “I have witnessed first-hand the impact that JFS has made for numerous families and individuals,” explained Bruce. “Some need short-term assistance, while others need a safety net of ongoing assistance. Endowment funds are a vital necessity to provide steady agency income to ensure ongoing core programs and staff services, as well as to fund new programs for the community.”

JFS has four standing endowments that all donors can support at any level: three program-focused endowments, the Community Support Endowment, the Mental Health Endowment and the Senior Services Endowment; and the General Services Endowment which is unrestricted and can be used where the need is greatest.

In addition, supporters can set up named funds to support JFS’s ongoing work. “I believe that endowment funds are a multi-generational gift that you and others in your community circles will be remembered for,” said Bruce, who earlier this year set up the Bruce Goodman Fund.

Barry and Rena Glaser regularly make donations to their Glaser Fund for Senior Services. “In addition to annual gifts to JFS, we believe this is the best way to provide ongoing and lasting support to an organization that is so important to us,” said Barry.

Named funds can be set up by any donor with a commitment of at least $2,500 contributed to the fund over no more than five years. “JFS has designed endowment giving with easy entry and options to participate, including for young professionals, first time donors and individuals of varying income levels,” Bruce an added. “There is growing excitement for this initiative, and I am committed to making your involvement fun and meaningful.”

To learn more about how you can set up your named fund or donate to a JFS endowment, contact JFS Development Director David Kaplan at (651) 239-7496 or by email here.