February 2022 Tribute Gifts

JFS Tribute Gifts

Nancy Karasov contributed in honor of Norene Karon’s birthday.

Bruce Goodman donated in memory of Tom Marver.

Bruce Noyes donated to Passover for All in honor of Phyllis Noyes.

Sheldon and Beth Stone gave in memory of Marilynn Valene.

Rena and Barry Glaser donated to the Glaser Fund for Senior Services in honor of Lucille and Burt Garr.

Rollye Winnig contributed in honor of Rabbi Lynn Liberman.

Judy Smith and Howard Tomar gave in loving memory of Milton G. Smith and Evelyn S. Smith.

David Kaplan gave in honor of Mitzi Gramling receiving the 2022 Community Service Award.

Jane Coffee donated in memory of Daniel Friedman.

Lise Adatto gave in memory of Daniel Friedman.

Susan and Stanley Friedman gave in memory of Danny Friedman.

The Weiss Family contributed in memory of Rochelle Weiss.