Mental Health Conference Reaches International Audience

Nearly 400 people from as far away as Zimbabwe and Hong Kong and across 18 states in the U.S. attended the 21st Annual Virtual Conference on Mental Health. Keynote speaker Jeffrey Zuckerman, author of the award-winning memoir Unglued: A Bipolar Love Story, discussed how, in the face of his wife’s late-onset severe illness, he managed his own well-being through compassion, faith, education, and the loving support of his family and community.

The sessions focused on post traumatic stress, self care, and how mental health affects the entire family were among the most attended sessions at this years conference. Watch any of the sessions using these links.

Mental Health is a Family Story
Invite Your Body to be your Ally in Self-care
Finding Recovering Resources: Beyond the Diagnosis
Post Traumatic Stress and Growth: Moving Beyond Trauma
Talking to Children about Difficult Issues
Forgiveness: Potent Strategies for Health, Wellness, and Healing
COVID 19: A Pandemic of Grief and Loss
How to Access Mental Health Resources
Listening to Youth: A Panel Discussion on Mental Health and Teens
Politics and Mental Health
Kindfulness: Trauma Response Mindfulness for Mental Health
Optimizing Communication Between Patients and Doctors
Highway to Health: New On-Ramps for Recovery from Addiction
Healing the Wounds of Mental Health Inequities