JFS Community Chaplain Participates in cHallah cHugs

The JFS Community Chaplaincy program participated in cHallah cHugs, a fun activity designed by community member Barb Neren, to create connection between members of the Twin Cities Jewish community.

Leaders from JFS, JCC, Beth Jacob and Mount Zion placed their challah orders. JFS Community Chaplain Rabbi Lynn Liberman, BCC and JFS board member and volunteer Jamie Shacter, along with 10 other volunteers gathered at Beth Jacob Synagogue to bake 145 challahs led by chief baker Michel Ruouach, owner and CEO of National Choice Bakery. Each volunteer took their bagged challahs to store in a freezer.

Over the summer, Rabbi Lynn and Jamie have delivered 75 cHugs to the elderly, ill and those needing a big cHug.