Employment and Financial Services Expands

JFS announces the expansion of its Employment Services and Emergency Financial Assistance programs.

Thanks to a grant from the Yad B’Yad campaign of St. Paul Jewish Federation, the Employment Services program is now supported by a full-time staff person to help people search for employment, develop a resume, improve interview skills, earn additional training and access public transportation.

For the past three years, JFS Employment Specialist Nancy Cohen has split her time between Emergency Financial Services and Employment Services. With this new Federation funding, Nancy can now focus, full-time, on Employment Services. She brings a total of 12 years of expertise in this field, including work with the state and county CareerForce centers.

JFS has long provided employment services to adult residents age 18 and over living in the East Metro. The program works with adults seeking their first job in the United States, as well as those seeking a better job or advancement in a new career, mid-career or late-career. The program has partners with the Hubbs Center for Adult Education. Hubbs Center currently serves 400 to 500 adult students, most of whom are refugees or immigrants.

For more information, contact Nancy Cohen, Employment Specialist, (651) 329-1092, or ncohen@jfssp.org.

The emergency financial assistance program has expanded the eligibility requirements and grant maximum. Current JFS clients, members of the St. Paul Jewish community, and people who live or work in the West Seventh St. Paul neighborhood are now eligible for up to $1,000 in assistance to pay rent, utilities, transportation and medical expenses with payments made directly to vendors. This is an increase in the previous maximum grant amount of $500.

To apply for emergency assistance, contact Tim Gothmann at (651) 219-8556 or via email at tgothmann@jfssp.org.