September Tribute Gifts

JFS Tribute Gifts

Rena Glaser donated in honor of Marshall Kaplan’s birthday.

Myndal Davis Silver contributed to honor Margie Solomon’s receipt of the Susie Selcer Leadership Award.

Ruth Strauss made a gift in honor of Mitch Wittenberg.

Ruth Hampton Olkon donated in honor of Karen Schanfield’s assistance to JFS.

Deborah Evans contributed to honor Rabbi Lynn Liberman.

Joel Levenson made a gift in memory of Helen Young.

April Shaw donated in honor of Allie Karon.

Brian Krasnow contributed to honor Harris Sessions and Dorothy Lipschultz.

Pam Winthrop Lauer made a gift in honor of Stan.

Marjorie Sigel donated in honor of Senior Care Services led by Bonnie Jaffe.