Mental Health Conference Recordings Available

Nearly 500 people “attended” the 2020 Virtual Mental Health Conference via Zoom in October.

JFS mental health practitioner and PEARLS counselor Tara Burns, MA, and JFS Community Chaplain Rabbi Lynn Liberman, BCC, presented “COVID-19: I’m Doing OK, But Why Do I Feel So Sad?” Nearly 65 people watched Lynn and Tara’s presentation that helped participants understand the ongoing reality of living through a pandemic and the challenge it presents to comfort and well-being.

JFS therapist Beth Johnson, LMFT, presented “Cultivating Self-Compassion in Your Daily Life.” Ninety participants learned how to be more compassionate towards themselves, especially during times of struggles, and started a journey of self-discovery, letting go of the “shoulds” and unhelpful beliefs that are limiting.

A recording of each presentation is available on the Jewish Family and Children’s Services website. Watch Lynn and Tara’s presentation “COVID-19: I’m Doing OK” here. Beth Johnson’s presentation “Cultivating Self-Compassion” is available here.