May Tribute Gifts

JFS Tribute Gifts

Rena Glaser contributed in honor of Darlene and Marshall Kaplan’s anniversary and made another donation to honor John Larson and wish him a speedy recovery. Rena also donated in honor of the birth of Sandy Aaron’s grandson, Jack Harvey.

Judith Marvy made a gift in memory of Ronna Sherman’s brother.

Senior Care Communities donated in honor of Rabbi Lynn Liberman.

Anita Lurye Silver contributed in honor of Myndal Davis Silver.

Stephanie Fink donated in honor of Shel Olkon’s special birthday.

Steve Abrahamson made a gift in memory of Beverly Sechter.

Rema Absey contributed in honor of Karen and Ron Matz.

Joel Glaser donated and wished his mom, Rena Glaser, a happy Mother’s Day.

Kenneth Hampton made a gift in honor of Ruth Hampton Olkon.

Nasteha Abdi donated.