Making an Impact – Kosher Meals on Wheels Helps Senior #StaySafe

Kosher Meals on Wheels

In the Making an Impact series, clients and services are featured to expand awareness of the wide array of help available at JFS and to ensure donors understand the lives they touch and the difference they make throughout the community. Client names have been changed to protect their confidentiality.

An older St. Paul resident who lives alone had bad experiences with other delivered meal programs but decided to try Kosher Meals on Wheels. Since the pandemic began, he no longer feels safe grocery shopping. He typically ate most of his meals out, something he could no longer do.

Since he started Kosher Meals on Wheels, he has sent the program coordinator pictures of his empty meal trays. “Thanks for helping me get these delicious meals,” he exclaims. “These meals give me a more balanced diet. I’m not nervous about grocery shopping anymore because I know I’ll get at least three good meals each week.”