JFS Awarded BOND Grant

Again in 2020, JFS will be the recipient of an $8,000 grant from Branching Out in New Directions (BOND) to benefit the Employment Services program. “We are very happy to continue to contribute to JFS’s effort to help people complete their education or occupational training in order to advance themselves or return to the workforce,” said Sheila Goldstein, BOND Vice President of Philanthropy and Community. “BOND has been supporting this program for 12 years. After BOND member Rhoda Redleaf, who served on the board of JFS for many years, told us about JFS and the great work they do, we were hooked!”

This grant will allow JFS to continue to work with people in two ways. First, by helping them find immediate employment and address their immediate needs, they can live independently and provide for their families. After they become stable and start thinking of career moves, which can take months or years, JFS clients require certification or job training to improve their earning potential. Though unemployment rates are nearing record lows, JFS clients tend to present with multiple barriers that make securing employment challenging. In many cases, they need training, education, emergency assistance and transportation in order to be successful.

JFS serves a wide spectrum of individuals of varying ages, backgrounds, nationalities and employment history. Many have come to JFS to enhance their employment options through training programs that will enable them to become certified in an occupation that will support their needs. It is this area, providing training, where BOND funding has been invaluable. “During 2019, JFS provided valuable training resources to 11 individuals, totaling $8,525, which allowed them to significantly increase their annual incomes and future options,” said JFS Chief Operating Officer Tim Gothmann. “We are able to meet the needs of most who come to us for help, and we make appropriate referrals for those we aren’t able to enroll.”

Gothmann added the need to identify additional funding sources. “When the funds are gone, we continue to help people find employment but can’t offer training. Through donations to the Case Management, Financial Assistance and Employment fund on our website, we can extend the impact of this life-changing service.”

Through education, service and philanthropy, BOND, a nonprofit organization, offers its 260 members opportunities for intellectual pursuits, community service, social interaction and philanthropy.

BOND earns its funds through member participation in many events. Their biggest annual event is the Book Author Event, held this year on August 18 and 19. The entire Twin Cities community is invited. Email Sheila for more information.

Email membership@bondtc.org for more information about how to become a member.