November Tribute Gifts

JFS Tribute Gifts

Arnie Berman donated in honor of Erwin Farkas, Chris Rosenthal and Bonnie Jaffe.

Rena Glaser made a gift in honor of Arnie Berman; in memory of Etta and Manson Lambright’s son, Joe; and in memory of Merle Green.

Stephanie Greenstein contributed in honor of Helen Adler’s 91st birthday.

Jay and Melissa Krasnow donated in honor of Brian and Judy Krasnow’s special wedding anniversary.

Brian Krasnow made a gift in memory of Myra sending condolences to Ray Fishman and family and a second gift congratulating Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Sheps on their new home.

Margie Solomon contributed on behalf of the B’Yachad Holiday Gift Program steering committee including Rena Glaser, Myndal Davis Silver, Sue Schwartz and Miriam Feingold in memory of Joe Lambright.

Roz Strimling donated in honor of Brian and Judy Krasnow’s wedding anniversary.