First of 3 B’Yachad Events Begins Thursday Dec 5


Choose one, two or all three B’Yachad Holiday Gift Program events to participate in! Together, we can make the holidays brighter for more people in our community.B'Yachad

But who are these people and what kind of impact does B’Yachad have on their lives?

One morning in mid-December, a client who was working with one of our employment specialists entered the JFS lobby and asked the receptionist in a husky, quiet voice if the specialist had left something for him at the front desk.

As the receptionist handed him a beautiful B’Yachad gift bag, she noticed a large stuffed animal poking out of the bag. “Do you have children?” she asked. As the client, a strong man with a melodic African accent, lifted the bag over the counter, tears welled up in his eyes. He set the gift on the counter, thanked the receptionist, and wiped his eyes. “Thank you so much,” he said. “This is so wonderful.” The receptionist explained that she was just the messenger. JFS staff and volunteers were responsible for shopping, wrapping and delivering all the B’Yachad gift bags, including his.

When the receptionist saw the employment specialist later that day, she recalled the encounter. “Oh,” said the specialist, “that’s Joseph. He works at the Hubb Center, part of St. Paul public school’s adult learning program. He and his daughter are refugees from West Africa. He was referred to us by the Center for Victims of Torture. He came here with nothing and hasn’t been able to give her anything,” said the specialist, “until now.”