1911 Society of Legacy Donors Donor Recognition Tree Unveiled

1911 Society of Legacy Donors

JFS Board President Tom Frishberg unveiled the new 1911 Society of Legacy Donors recognition tree in the JFS Board Room during a reception on August 26.

After wine and desserts, Susan Lieberman from It’s Your Legacy thanked JFS and its supporters for their generous work to ensure a strong future for the agency.

President Frishberg and board member Alex Treitler then unveiled the beautiful donor recognition tree. The wooden trunk was donated by board member Ira Kipp in memory of his parents. Each bronze leaf represents a legacy donor.

“It is through the dedication of everyone committed to legacy giving that we have built a foundation on which JFS will grow and serve the community far into the future,” said Tom.

Legacy or planned gifts to JFS allow you to decide what your legacy will be and what kind of impact you will make on following generations. You can earmark help to go to the area of greatest concern to you like support services for people with disabilities, home care for frail elderly, chaplaincy, family life education, or simply for use where most needed. You can specify that your gift create an endowment to last in perpetuity or that it be available to meet current needs.

Legacy gifts may allow you to make a larger gift than you might be able to consider during your lifetime. And you can use your gift to establish an endowed fund that carries in perpetuity your name or the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize.

If you have any questions about legacy giving or changes to your names, or if you have made a provision for JFS in your estate, please contact Charlie Levine at clevine@jfssp.org or (651) 690-8938.