Meet Dawn Parker, Owner of Woodbury Nothing Bundt Cakes

Dawn Parker Nothing Bundt Cakes

If you attended the recent Celebration of Service, you probably received a small brown paper bag on your way out of the event that contained the most delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. We’d like to introduce you to the owner of the store in Woodbury, Dawn Parker.

“My grandson and I were volunteering in the food pavilion at Woodbury Days last summer,” said Chair of the Celebration of Service Planning Committee Bruce Matza. “Dawn was managing a booth for Nothing Bundt Cakes and we began talking about her franchise. I was an adviser to the two founders of the national organization about ten years ago to help them grow the franchise. I agreed to help Dawn by marketing her product around the east side of the Twin Cities.”

As planning for the Celebration of Service began in earnest, Bruce asked Dawn if she would be interested in an in-kind sponsorship of the event. “Supporting people and the community I work in is a passion of mine,” said Dawn. “We look for ways to add to events and bring joy to everyday life as well as celebrations. We were so privileged to be a part of the event and bless others with a sweet treat!”

Dawn spent most of her career in corporate America as a human resources professional, but she had always dreamed of opening her own business. She looked into several opportunities but decided on Nothing Bundt Cakes. She originally applied for a franchise in 2009, but as the market went south, her financing fell through. Unwilling to give up on her dream, Dawn tried again, and in 2016 the Woodbury Nothing Bundt Cakes was born.

“I love running my own business, and this is such a wonderful brand,” said Dawn. “Nothing Bundt Cakes offers the best of the best in cake! We use only the freshest ingredients and are known for the moistness of our cakes as well as our signature frosting. Stop by my shop in Woodbury for a free sample and see cake options for your next celebration!”