What’s In Your Emergency Hospital Visit Bag?

Emergency Hospital Visit Bag

The last thing on your mind in case of an emergency is what to pack, yet it can be vitally important and make a very stressful time a little less so.

Just as an expectant mother has a bag packed, seniors need to also pay attention to details and have an emergency hospital visit bag packed in case they need to go to the hospital or emergency room.

JFS RN Care Manager Bonnie Jaffe offers these tips for what to have packed in case of an emergency:

  • Keep your up-to-date medication list on the refrigerator so you can grab it on your way out the door. Also keep a copy in your bag.
  • Grab a copy of your advance directives too. If they are hanging on the refrigerator as well, they’re easy to get to. Also keep a copy in your bag
  • You will need identification, like a driver’s license, and your Medicare and/or health insurance card.
  • A change of clothes and something to keep you entertained while you wait are essential.
  • Names and contact information for the people you want or need to get in touch with while you are there.
  • Talk to neighbors and friends in advance about their willingness to take you to the hospital or urgent care should the need arise. If they are willing, keep their name and contact information on the refrigerator along with a taxi service.
  • Consider purchasing a health alert system.

Remember to update the contents of your emergency hospital visit bag annually. Have medications changed? Is the advance directive still what you want? Advance planning will relieve a bit of the stress in a crisis situation.