Another Successful B’Yachad Gift Program

All of the B’yachad wrap-up activities have been completed. The few remaining supplies have been distributed to other organizations serving the needy; all data entry done; debriefing B’Yachad committee chairs; and saying thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s program so successful.

This thank you note recently arrived at JFS. “Once again I’m blown away at how thoughtful your agency is! I’m so excited to read the books and get painting! The soup bowls are beautiful! Please let everyone who has a hand in this know how appreciated these gifts are-especially at this time of year! Thank you guys very much!”

B’yachad volunteers have been so critical to the program’s success, and this year we were fortunate to engage over 60 enthusiastic people who were excited to wrap and deliver gifts to JFS clients. Stacy Dockman, a new volunteer, showed up at our special pop-up space in Sibley Plaza to collect a trunk full of gift bags for delivery. Stacy got involved with JFS through her participation in our Next Chapter Series for women in transition and wanted to give back to JFS and our clients. She signed up for a two-hour volunteer shift, and then returned to several delivery locations later in the week to be sure all the recipients got their gifts.

Stacy’s experience was mirrored by many of the generous volunteers who got as much out of their good deed as those who received gifts. We have heard from grateful clients too – many of whom reveled in the joy of seeing families and children at their door with the brightly-packaged gift bags.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, money, and innovative thinking to the project!