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Holocaust Survivors Fund

Our elders. We stand on their shoulders as we move into the future. No one is “self made”. Rather we make the future off of what has been. We make ourselves off of those who have influenced us.

Some of our elders in the Jewish Community stand as a legacy of humankind that we would rather forget. They stand as a reminder to all of us of the potential of humanity to treat others with cruelty and malevolence. They are fortunate enough to be standing at all after what they have been through. They remind us that one can endure the harshest of humanities treatment of another human being. We now stand on their shoulders to say that there is a better way, a better world to create. We now are shaped by their experience. Hopefully what we will continue to become and what we help society to become is better than what they experienced.

Now our elders, those who survived the Holocaust are in need. The cost of living has outgrown their income and Jewish Family Service has a need to raise $13,000 to help them have enough to live day to day. We invite you to help these elders through a generous donation that is above and beyond your regular giving. Any amount will help support those whose experience has been so dark. Help bring light where there has been darkness through your giving.

Use the form below to make your donation or send your check to:
Holocaust Survivors Support Fund
Jewish Family Service of St. Paul
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