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Holocaust Survivors Fund

Providing Services to St. Paul’s Holocaust Survivors

A community’s Moral Responsibility

Currently 81 Holocaust survivors are receiving services from JFS.

Funding for these services comes from the Claims Conference, the Weinberg Foundation and your donations.  Without this support, survivors face a bleak future.

While the number of survivors decreases each year, those who remain become more frail and require extra services to address their diminishing physical and mental capabilities.  Holocaust survivors receive a myriad of services through Jewish Family Service including personal care assistance, (PCA), Kosher Meals on Wheels, case management, emergency financial assistance, counseling and spiritual care.  Some of these services are paid by the Claims Conference and the Weinberg Foundation, while other services are supported solely through local donations.  It is these unreimbursed services that are outpacing available funding.

JFS is committed to ensuring that all Holocaust survivors receive the services they need to allow them to remain in their homes, living with dignity, for their remainder of their lives.  Because of this, JFS is raising funds specifically to support Holocaust survivors.  This year, there is an estimated shortfall of $44,000 to meet the needs of the survivors.  If you would like to support this effort, please fill out the form below.  For questions contact Ted Flaum, Executive Director, at or 651.698.0767.

Use the form below to make your donation or send your check to:
Holocaust Survivors Support Fund
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