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It’s Your Legacy


The age old question of what will you leave behind is an important question.  It causes us to pause and reflect on our lives.  We start asking ourselves questions like:  “What have I done so that my children will not make the mistakes I have made?”;  “What will my friends say about me?”;  “How is the world a better place for my having been in it?’  There are a lot of questions that surround us when we think about a future without us being there in it’s midst.  What will your legacy be?

Jewish Family Service of St. Paul has a legacy too.  After 106 years of helping people in our community, we are still here.  We are not just here but we are still serving more people  in need than ever before.  We have a legacy of being there for those in our society who are outcasts or people who others see as being “less than”.

Combining your legacy with that of JFS sends a powerful message.  It sends the message that you are a supporter of hope for our community.  It says that you not only want to support those in need today but also in the future.  Supporting Jewish Family Service of St. Paul may at times seem a difficult task.  Now there is an easy way to support JFS.  It is through leaving a part of your estate to JFS.  By simply filling out the form found through clicking on the picture above you can leave a legacy of helping individuals and families in need through your giving.  So whether you can give today or not it doesn’t mean you can never give!  Your legacy and the legacy of JFS can show that the community will always have someone that cares, someone that is willing to be there no matter who they are.  Join us today by clicking on the picture above and becoming a message of hope.  Simply click on the picture above, print out the form, fill it out and mail it back to us at:

It’s Your Legacy

Jewish Family Service of St. Paul

1633 W. 7th Street

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