JFS licensed psychologist and counseling program supervisor, Mitchell Wittenberg, Ph.D., LP, will participate on a panel of mental health experts following the October 28 matinee performance of the MN Jewish Theater’s The Last Schwartz as part of the Doorways Program. The much-lauded play depicts the multilayered interactions of four adult Schwartz siblings as they reunite in their childhood home in the Catskills for the one-year yahrzeit of the passing of their father. A host of themes are addressed, including what it means to be a family, coping with change, and the future of the Jewish people.
The Doorways Program is designed to facilitate greater understanding and enjoyment of the plays the Theater presents and to give deeper insights into the subjects and issues they address. These post-performance discussions feature esteemed professionals in the community who join the Theater to provide further information on topics in the production and foster stimulating conversation with those in attendance.