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Jack – A Success Story!

Posted on by Tim Gothmann

Jack, a 55-year-old African American, came to Minnesota to make a fresh start.  Unfortunately, he had several setbacks and he soon found himself homeless and seeking employment. He went from shelter to shelter, looking for a place to sleep. Working with a homeless shelter advocate, he found subsidized housing.

While Jack found stable housing, he was still frustrated about his continual struggle to provide for himself. He heard about JFS’s Employment Services Program from Hubbs Center for Life Long Learning.  Jack was receiving financial assistant from the county, when he joined JFS’s program.  His goal was to get off financial assistant and get a full-time job.

JFS helped Jack to update his resume, search for employment leads, assist with online applications, and hone his interviewing skills. He was very employable, having twenty years’ experience in food service. He received his ServSafe certification from the Hubbs Center food safety program.

In March, JFS employment services assisted Jack with applying for several positions.  A few weeks later he called, excited to inform his JFS Employment Specialist that he had received several job offers. He was thrilled to report that he had decided to take a job as a chef at Delaware North Sports.  Jack thanked JFS “for the valuable assistance and support you provided during my job search. “

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