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JFS letter to immigrants

Posted on by Tim Gothmann

February, 2017

Dear Friend:

We are writing to you as a client of Jewish Family Service of St. Paul to assure you of our commitment to continue to serve all people, including immigrants and refugees, regardless of religion, nationality or ethnic origin.  We are aware that recent decisions by the government of the United States regarding immigrants and refugees, as well as physical and verbal attacks on immigrants, refugees and Muslims here and elsewhere, have caused great concern within many communities.

More than 100 years ago, Jews from Eastern European came to St. Paul as new immigrants and refugees, fleeing persecution and discrimination.  In subsequent years, Jews who survived the Holocaust and Jews who fled anti-Semitism in the Former Soviet Union also came to St. Paul. Each time, Jewish Family Service of St. Paul was here to help them start new lives. Their descendants are contributing members of our community.

As an agency that is guided by Jewish values and which has a tradition to assist those seeking a better life from war and persecution, we are here to serve our all our clients.  Please feel free to contact us if we may be of further assistance.



Mitzi Gramling                                                                                   Ted Flaum

President                                                                                            Executive Director


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