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Twin Cities Para-Chaplaincy Program

Posted on by Tim Gothmann

What is a para-chaplain?
A para-chaplain is a volunteer who receives training and supervision to provide support to individuals in life transition or facing life challenges. The name “para-chaplain” indicates that the volunteer serves alongside (para) and under the supervision of the staff chaplain. A para-chaplain is not a counselor or a therapist, and while offering companionship, is also different from a companion or friend. Para-chaplains offer an attentive, listening presence to another person; they focus on offering care—rather than providing a cure.

Why a Jewish para-chaplaincy program?
For many, isolation is the worst part of illness—or of any significant life change. Even surrounded by others, we can feel alone. Jewish Para-Chaplains can help unaffiliated Jews connect with the Jewish community or simply reconnect with their Jewishness. Para-chaplains from St. Paul Jewish Family Service provide not only a vital human connection, but can also help individuals reconnect with core aspects of themselves, their memories, their identity; their sources of strength.

How do I sign up?
When you decide to apply, click here to download an application form. You can fill out the form on your computer and save it. Then Click here to open an email to Alex Treitler, Para-Chaplaincy Program Coordinator and attach your application. Questions? Click here to email Alex, or call 651-698-0767 and ask for Alex Treitler or Rabbi Liberman.

Click here to read “What do Twin Cities Para-Chaplains Do?”.

Click here to read a press release about the Twin Cities Para-Chaplaincy Program


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